About Me

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My story

I’m totally adamant that life coaching is not just for CEOs and celebrities - it has huge value for young professionals too. But a lot of the time, reading about coaching can feel intimidating or pretentious or corporate or just really, really expensive. I want to create a space for young professionals that’s honest, accessible, friendly and fun.

Finishing my Psychology degree and moving to live and work in London was definitely exciting, but it was also pretty overwhelming. I felt like I had so many options - not even just job options but lifestyle options. Was I going to be a cog in a big corporate with a glamorous office, terrible hours and a great pay check? Dodge that for a nine-to-five and the freedom to explore London in the evenings, but no savings? Or a dedicated traveller, quitting it all and backpacking into my thirties? And not only that, but it felt like a lot of pressure to pick exactly the right one, as quickly as possible so I didn’t fall behind my friends and peers.

While I was trying to figure out that bizarre equation of my interests, qualifications, sanity and rent, I discovered life coaching. Getting coached helped me to become more self-aware and decide what success looks like for me. I’ve identified thoughts and behaviours that were holding me back, and challenged myself to overcome them. And in being a coach, I’ve found something that I love doing and ties in with my natural strengths.

Here are some more facts about me:

  • I love learning about people’s lives, psychology, wellbeing and mental health

  • My favourite podcasts include The High Low and Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place

  • I have a new-found love of bookshops (particularly one on Broadway Market)

  • I’ve loved doing yoga for 3 years, even if I still can’t do crow pose!

  • I don’t cope very well with late nights or big spiders

  • Enough about me… let’s talk about you!


My credentials

First Class Degree in Experimental Psychology, Oxford University

Diploma in Transformational Coaching, Animas Centre for Coaching