Coaching With Alice

Life Coach / Career Coach

For Young Professionals


Welcome to Coaching With Alice

I work with young professionals who are looking to make a change in their lives.

Coaching is an investment in your personal development and your wellbeing. In the same way you might get a personal trainer for your physical health, a coach helps you make sure other parts of your life are looked after and balanced.

Perhaps you’d like to take control of your career or your confidence, perhaps you’d like to improve your work life balance and reduce stress. Or perhaps you’re not quite sure what your next step is yet, but you think you could be doing more or better.

I specialise in bringing you clarity about exactly what you want, and empowering you to achieve it. My style is supportive but challenging, as I push you to explore the boundaries of what you can accomplish.


What My Clients Say

“Working with Alice was very easy and helpful. She listened carefully to me when I spilled out everything on my mind, and she asked insightful questions that helped me make sense of how I felt, and how I was behaving. Her intuitive responses guided me to some big personal realisations in a short amount of time.”

“Alice changed my entire perspective on the way that I was looking at big changes coming up in my life. She helped me to be excited about the future and to take action to make sure all ran smoothly. She is a natural coach and her calming style is wonderful. I could not recommend Alice highly enough!”

“Coaching with Alice was very liberating. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and enabled me to gain answers to the problems I had.”


Offering face-to-face coaching in Victoria